Here are some videos I've made! You can watch them with your eyeballs!


218 IN 2018

This is my latest piece! It’s essentially the same deal as my previous supercut: it’s a montage of every movie that I watched during 2018 (I ended up watching 291 films total). All of the clips and all of the music/audio is, again, arranged by month. Enjoy!

217 IN 2017

For this commemorative video, I cut together clips from each movie I watched during 2017. In editing, I tried to find fun, quirky, or interesting rhythms, themes, and associations. I organized the clips by month (i.e., the months in which I saw those films).


One Second Everyday: 2016

I used an app called "1 Second Everyday" to piece together a montage of my personal cell phone videos from throughout 2016, and I put them all together.

Open mic night iv: highlights

I put this together back in 2013. At the time, my house had hosted four small concerts and we'd decided to film the last one with better equipment than our phones. The concert was filmed by Laura Smith and Jordan Kartchner, and I edited.