The SUggestion Box

In addition to the 21X in 201X series and other videos, I also make “THE SUGGESTION BOX”: a video series in which I suggest things to you—for example pieces of media or various trains of thought—that you might want to examine, re-examine, discover, or avoid.

You can see the full playlist for THE SUGGESTION BOX here, or you can watch the videos embedded below:

The most recent video: think bigger about “selfhood”

Today I talk about rethinking and expanding our notions of identity/personhood/"the self." Borrowing theory from neuroscientist Anil Seth, metaphysics philosopher Andy Clark, cognitive scientist David Chalmers, and theologian Adam S. Miller, I examine what a broader concept of "selfhood" might look like, and I use recent controversies about Liam Neeson and Aziz Ansari to illustrate why it matters.

Previous videos:

I describe, contextualize, and defend the notion of "apatheism" (i.e. a philosophical apathy about the question of god's existence).

I lay out a defense of the "porgs" (birdlike creatures from The Last Jedi), and I explore the thematic significance of biodiversity in the Star Wars series generally.

I recommend some videogames I've really enjoyed! A curated list of suggestions, especially for those who are just getting into PC gaming.

An introduction to my new video series!

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