The SUggestion Box

In addition to the 21X in 201X series and other videos, I also make “THE SUGGESTION BOX”: a video series in which I suggest things to you—for example pieces of media or various trains of thought—that you might want to examine, re-examine, discover, or avoid.

You can see the full playlist for THE SUGGESTION BOX here, or you can watch the videos embedded below:

The most recent video: A CASE FOR APATHEISM

I describe, contextualize, and defend the notion of "apatheism" (i.e. apathy about the question of god's existence). Hopefully I make it clear that I'm not an advocate for apathy generally--it's cool to care about things--but that I do think in this specific instance that a relative indifference towards two very specific questions (the metaphysical question and the epistemological question about God) can free up mental and emotional space with which we can accomplish so much more. In other words, I don't think you need to abandon your theism or your atheism--nor should you abandon your gnosticism or your agnosticism, necessarily--but I'd suggest that apatheism can supplement those approaches in a compelling and constructive way.

Previous videos:

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