I have a great appreciation for education and therapy.  I've taught math, drawing, theater, music, and film classes at a therapeutic boarding school called Maple Lake Academy, where I also worked as a mentor for three years.

Most recently, I worked for Treatment Solutions, LLC; I was the Program Director at one of their residential treatment centers, called Kaizen Academy.

When I'm not working, I'm very interested in film, philosophy, and writing.  I am working on writing/compiling/editing a collaborative nonfiction book about LDS theology and film, called "Mormonism and the Movies."  In addition, I write film reviews somewhat regularly here, and I occasionally maintain a blog called "Food for Thought."

When I'm neither working nor writing, I try to make time to draw, paint, or take photographs.  This site will soon feature a shop wherein you can buy prints of some dinosaur-themed art I've made.

I'm also interested in music, and have recorded some jazz piano/vocal songs.  Occasionally I've collaborated with other musical artists, like Lottie Elizabeth Peterson, Court Mann, Jake Ziemba, and Alex Vincent.

Use the navigation menu at the top of your screen to browse content that I've written, drawn, or recorded.  Use the social media links at the bottom of your screen to get in touch with me.


Chris Wei