OTOS Archive

For a few months, I was one of the co-hosts of a podcast called On the Other Side: Millennials and Religion. Starting in July 2018, On the Other Side was a weekly, hour-long podcast originally distributed by the Open Stories Foundation (best known for their work with Mormon Stories and A Thoughtful Faith, etc). With Blake Wright, Michelle Ross, and various guests, I discussed and grappled with various religious and post-religious topics from a millennial perspective. Unfortunately, we cut ties with OSF in October 2018, and in January 2019 our project was removed from Libsyn (thus it was taken offline).

However, I have since re-uploaded the files for all fifteen episodes to podcast streaming services, so you can listen to it anywhere. Enjoy!

(One final note: during our musical bumper I mention that the intro/outro song was done by Bly Wallentine at www.blywallentinte.com but I’d made a mistake; Bly’s website is actually at www.blywallentine.fun. Check it out!)