On the Other Side

Millennials and Religion

On the Other Side: Millennials and religion

For a few months, I was one of the co-hosts of a podcast called On the Other Side: Millennials and Religion. Starting in July 2018, On the Other Side was a weekly, hour-long podcast originally distributed by the Open Stories Foundation (best known for their work with Mormon Stories and A Thoughtful Faith, etc). With Blake Wright, Michelle Ross, and various guests, I discussed and grappled with various religious and post-religious topics from a millennial perspective.

Unfortunately, we cut ties with OSF in October 2018, and in January 2019 a member of OSF leadership told me that he has decided to cut funding for our project and thus it can no longer be hosted on Libsyn (the audio streaming platform), which means that as of 2019, you can no longer find On The Other Side on services like iTunes, Stitcher, OverCast, etc. Instead, you’ll find my archive of backups below.

In the first episode, the three of us introduced ourselves and briefly recapped our spiritual journeys. All three of us grew up LDS, but no longer practice or identify with the Mormon faith in the same way that we once did. And in subsequent episodes, we explored more detailed topics and we interviewed special guests and experts. Enjoy!

Episode 1: Chris Wei, Michelle Ross, and Blake Wright introduce themselves and recount their faith journeys.

Episode 2: Michelle Ross interviews Carlos Nobleza Posas about his faith transition from Catholocism.

Episode 3: Chris Wei interviews Kristin Bennion (LCSW) and Chris Duce (from Celestial Sex) about sexuality, sex positivity, mental health, and post-religious values.

Episode 4: Blake Wright interviews Bryce Blankenagel (from Naked Mormonism) about his years of investigation into LDS Church history.

Episode 5: Chris Wei, Michelle Ross, and Blake Wright closely examine Mormonism's theology of death, the soul, and the afterlife.

Episode 6: Michelle Ross interviews Chris Armer about leaving his Baptist pastorship.

Episode 7: Chris Wei interviews Briana Petters and Troy Leishman about mental health, emotional intimacy, healthy conflict, faith crisis, and dealing with isolation/shame.

Episode 8: Blake Wright interviews Ms. Global U.S. Kindra Kauer about pageant life and teen suicide.

Episode 9: Chris Wei interviews journalist Kristina Smith and filmmaker Spencer Allred about their documentary film project (The Hushed Ones), which examines the problem of sexual abuse in the LDS Church.

Episode 10: Michelle Ross interviews Channi Brenner about leaving orthodox Judaism.

Episode 11: Chris Wei, Michelle Ross, and Blake Wright talk about the degree to which problematic aspects of LDS Church history have affected them in their journeys.

Episode 12: Chris Wei interviews Russell Hatch about Provo, the problems with New Atheism, and the nuances of environmental philosophy.

Episode 13: Blake Wright interviews Christina Rosetti about Leonard Arrington and historical scholarship.

Episode 14: Michelle Ross interviews Chris Smith about leaving Penecostalism.

Episode 15: Chris Wei says goodbye.