My mission is to empower and educate, to build relationships, and to create compelling content and commentary.

My writing work:  I love to create, organize, and compile.  I'm especially interested in writing about theology, philosophy, and film.  But I'm always looking for new ideas to process, new artistic territory to explore, and new friends with whom to collaborate.  In addition to analyzing and dissecting music, literature, and film, I also love to write my own music and stories, and I hope to eventually direct a feature film of my own, or at least a short.

My therapeutic work:  I'm passionate about therapy and education in general, and in particular I have loved working with residential treatment centers in accordance to Attachment Theory and the Circle of Security.  I've worked for years with adolescents and parents, and I aim to inspire excellence and develop relationships.  I always hope to be attachment-centered in all the therapeutic and educational work that I do, or even in my private, artistic, or research-based work.

Always open to new work:  If you have any project(s) in mind, feel free use the social media buttons at the bottom of this page to get in touch with me.  It's quite possible I'd be willing to contribute to your project(s), or at least consult with you.  So let me know if you have any exciting propositions, burning questions, or intriguing ideas.  I'm only interested in doing really good work, work that I can be proud of.  If that's the kind of work you've got in mind, let's talk.